Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Unity "Summer" Challenge

I've been wanting to use the cute stamps from the June 2011 KOM for this challenge, however, due to the postal strike, I just finally received my KOM yesterday.  Well, I wasted no time inking it up :)  When we were on our cruise in January, I scooped up some sand from a couple of the beaches we were at with the intention of putting it in a glass jar and labelling it for a keepsake.  I found these cute square jars at the dollar store that worked perfectly.  When I flipped through all my Unity KOM, I discovered there were actually a few 'summer' type stamps, so I created a different label for each jar.

Please excuse the quality of the photo's as I was hoping to use the natural sunlight, but it also caused a shadow.  KOM used are as follows:
The Beach - June 2011 KOM  all smiles
SUN - June 2010 KOM   fly....free
Sunshine - Oct 2009 KOM  where ever you go

The tags on the front were made using the Feb 2010 KOM  nothing but blue skies

I also added a little embellishment to each tag, as well as some stickles on both the suns as well as some distress stickles on the sand.  I wrapped ribbon around each lid, as well as string around each jar.

Have a great day.

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  1. What a great keepsake! So inventive. I might have to steal this idea some day :)